ESAN MEGA SUMMIT 2021 HOLDS; Sues for Edo governor of Esan extract, Esan Heroes posthumously honoured…


ESAN MEGA SUMMIT 2021 HOLDS; Sues for Edo governor of Esan extract, Esan Heroes posthumously honoured…

By: Oriaifoh Godwins

Esan Descendants Assembly, a non-political organization held the Esan Mega Summit 2021 on the 27th of December, at the Uromi Town Hall, the headquarters of Esan North East Local Government area of Edo state.

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In the gathering, the crystal clear message is the drive for the unity of Esan land, to foster development of Esanland and the emergence of Edo governor of Esan extract and the messages delivered by the different personalities present, pointed to this fact.

In his goodwill message, Air Vice Marshal, Okpere rtd, lamented that Esan people cannot boast of any meaningful development as a people, even though individually Esan people have done well but have collectively woefully as a race. He also expressed his disappointment for the absence of Esan political representatives in the gathering as no member of either the House of Assembly or National Assembly was present as the forum would have been a good avenue for him to bear his mind on pertinent issues that are matters arising in Esanland.

AVM Okpere rtd., said; “…at my present age of 78, going to 79, there is no way I can contest for any elective position again, but to put my weight behind a credible candidate that will make Esan great and we will all be proud of in future…..”

On his part,Ambassador Chief Uhomonibhi, the Onosejele of Esanland, who is also the Chairman of the event, said the Esan Mega Summit, represents a real innovation of communal conferencing and problem solving for a to ensure meaningful development, peace and unity. Continuing, Ambassador Uhomoibhi said, in today’s world, where everyone is in hurry and everything happen so fast, we must pause and ex-ray as a people on where we are coming from, where we are and where we are heading. He said; ‘…when we say it is time for Esan to spearhead the political affairs of Edo state, we are not just engaging in rhetoric, we are rather making an express undisputed statement of fact…therefore, come 2024, it will be time for all to support Esan aspirations.

Professor Oserheimen Osunbor, spoke on the topic: Political emancipation of Esan people, looking back and looking forward, said Esan people are not under any bound, chains etc. therefore, there should be a reversal in the situation we have found ourselves, in the political arrangement that we have found ourselves in Edp today. Quoting the late reggae superstar, Bob Marley, who in one of his songs said; “emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none, but ourselves can free our minds…” Professor Osunbor said, the time has come and the time is now for Esan people to free themselves by conscientious and consistent effort.

Professor Osunbor, in Explaining how Esanland can achieve the dream of producing the next Edo state governor of Esan extract, said the unity of Esanland and Esan people, negotiation with other zones and consistency in this wise, is a must as Esan people must be active in this, as the age of political docility is gone and gone forever and that we are in a period where the people are paramount rather than a cabal or individuals. Godfatherism, he said, is a thing of the past and has been replaced by character and antecedents of the political actors.

Dr. Isehohi Judith a seasoned educationist and the Treasurer of the National Executive Council of Esan Descendants Assembly delivered a speech on Esan Unity: Challenges and Strategies for rectifications. Dr. Isehohi said; ‘…by political permutations, it should be the turn of Esan land to produce the next Edo governor of Esan extraction; but he rhetorically asked: “how prepared are we”? Saying, ego destroys the unity of Esan people, the deliberate marginalization of some part of Esan land by Esan people themselves, diminishing Esan language etc has and is still militating against the unity of purpose of Esanland. She ended by using the acronym ‘TINK’ to explain where the solution to Esan problem lies saying ‘T’ represents Truth, that we must be truthful with ourselves, ‘I’, she said represents Inspiration, ‘N’, Necessity, and ‘K’ Kind words, that the use of kind words in all situations solves a lot of problems.

High Chief Francis Inegbeniki, the Uzoya of Esan land, also harped on the unity of Esanland in ensuring that Esan produce the next governor of Edo state of an Esan extract. The political class across the different political parties, he said, should work hand in hand to ensure that the governorship candidate is zoned to Edo central; this done, the people of Esanland can now work towards ensuring that the best candidate eventually emerge.

Highlight of the occasion, is the conferement of posthumous honours on Esan past heroes, including Sir Christopher Abebe, Prof Ambrose Alli, Admiral Augustus Aikhomu, Dr. Christopher Okojie, Chief Anthony Enahoro, and Chief Anthony Anenih. Others are Chief Francis Ijewere, Chief Paul Engo Okojie, Chief Christopher Ihesekhien SAN and Otunba Dr. Victor Oje Vanni.

Eminent personalities present at the event include Architect Mike Onolememen, former Minister of Works, Air Vice Marshal Okpere rtd, Professor Francis Inegbeniki, an All Progressives Congress Chieftain, Eugene Anthony Enahoro, Hon. Stella Alli, who represented the Ambrose Alli family, as well as traditional rulers including the Ojuromi of Uromi kingdom, The Onojie of Ujiogba, the Onojie of Urohi and a host of others.

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