Empowerment and Emmanuel Okodugha. The foremost PDP Chairmanship Aspirants in Esan South East LGA.


Empowerment and Emmanuel Okodugha. The foremost PDP Chairmanship Aspirants in Esan South East LGA.

This is a systemic evaluation of a foremost chairmanship aspirant in Esan south east LGA with a view to accessing his capacity.

Emmanuel Ehimare Okodugha is a foremost Chairmanship Aspirant who previously served in a political capacity at the Edo state internal revenue service (EIRS). He served as an Executive Director in charge of compliance and order revenue.


During his stint there he was able to empower some many workers cutting across Esan south east local government area and Edo state generally.

His digital proposal to the governor on revenue optimisation enabled the decentralisation and maximization of revenue drive which in turn created massive employment for adhoc staffs in the revenue service all over Edo state.

In this nine revenue adhoc staffs were recruited from Esan south east local government area including my humble self, Collins Ebalu, Otonobijie Anthony and others from illushi, Ewohimi and Ewatto.

In the same vein he helped in ensuring that a lot of Esan south east people got job with the Edo state traffic control agency popularly call “Obaseki police”. About 17 of them including Lynn Ose who is now an Oga there.

Numerous confession of how he has helped individuals financially from difficult position is in the lips of those he has helped. Everyone who came across his part in the EIRS has a good testament about him. Including some Leaders of our great Party.

Emmanuel Okodugha is an embodiment of humility. He creates what will give people jobs and makes judicious and accountable use of it for the betterment of the people. This is what his opponents find fault against in him. They say he will not bring the local government treasury for them to share as an accountant. Instead they want to force their puppets who will be bringing the money to their parlours for them to be sharing.

Emmanuel Okodugha is the man who will stand by the people.

Patrice Odiboh

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