Eilu Cultural Festival 2021: The Talk of the Town!


Eilu Cultural Festival 2021: The Talk of the Town!

… Organising Committee appreciate donors, highlights items of culture, food, dance troupes, quarter by quarter sitting arrangements as community lights up for a land breaking event!

Ewu 23rd December 2021!

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As the people of Ewu Kingdom Prepares excitedly to witness the first of it’s kind Eilugbigbe Cultural Festival, the Central Organising Committee (COC) passionately appreciated all the great People and Organizations of Ewu Kingdom who has contributed money, time and prayers towards the actualization of the communal project.

In a statement of appreciation posted on the enlarged platforms of most Ewu Organizations as signed by Comrade Lawrence Isiraojie, the COC of Ewu International Day wholeheartedly appreciated all donors and supporters so far while counting their achievements in their preparations efforts towards the event.

In the detailed progress reports statement, The COC highlighted the elaborate preparations been put in place through all the various sub-committees.

Below is the excerpt of the report as made available to Urban Scoop Magazine in Ewu.

“On behalf of the COC, we heartily appreciate all donors towards the Eilu Day Cultural Festival Ceremony scheduled for this Sunday 26th December, 2021. Truth be told, the unity potrayed by all Ewu sons and daughters in preparing for this maiden event is worthy of praise.

As we move closer to the D’day, may this unity be stronger. May those things that tend to beset us before run far away from us. May this Unity celebration further strengthen our resolve to continue to work together as one United family. Eilu can be great if we put aside our differences and forge a common front.

We just rounded up the meeting with all the Ukordions (Men & Women) as well as Youth Leaders for all our quarters. The various quarters are making special presentation at the Festival, our men and women are coming with their traditional attire, we are cooking traditional food quarter by quarter, we shall be showcasing our locally made food like ” omadidi, amolili, ori-sugar, manser, ekor, ehiehie, ohor bi uvin, oka bi ehiawe, etc’

The canopies shall be arranged quarter by quarter while the various quarters have been mobilized to cook the approved local food and bring to their respective canopies. Water and drinks shall be destributed likewise.

Hmmmm! You have not see anything. If you are not around to witness this event, you may not forgive yourself ooooo.

Our son who is doing great in the music industry shall be playing live on stage. ‘Egbabornelimin’ has also been mobilized for that day.

The Area Commander, DPO, our local vigilantee group and Special Marshal Ewu Unit have been mobilized for this all important event.

We shall be shooting up to about 40 native gun to herald the commencement of the event that faithful day…..

Lastly, there shall be no English wear to the event ooooooooo. Everything is native attire… Our team of Masters of ceremony who incidentally are sons of Eilu shall be communicating to us in Esan dialect that day as the use of English is prohibited for that day alone oooooo😁😁😁

A road show Canival to officially herald the commencement of the event has been slated for 3pm, 25th December, 2021 and tak-off point is Onojie’s palace. We have booked for a DJ, MCs, the youths have been mobilized for this road show. We need you to be part of the epoch making event please.

Let me go and continue my preparation for the event”.

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