EFCC frustrating businesses and NGOs with the delay in SCUML registration and certification:


EFCC frustrating businesses and NGOs with the delay in SCUML registration and certification:

…the time to speak up is now. Join in the movement for the liberation of the Nigerian economy and corporate world from SCUML.

The Special Control Unit Against Money Laundering (SCUML) manned by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) is one of the frustrating agencies when it comes to running a business or NGO in Nigeria currently.

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It has become mandatory for corporate business owners and registered NGOs to get the SCUML certificate before they can operate a bank account. It takes several attempts to be able to scale through its only online registration platform for the few lucky ones while others out of frustration have given up. After going through the registration process, it becomes another unending period to wait for a certificate.

Some have been waiting for over one year to receive their certificate in order to operate a bank account in their business name while one cannot have access to them through phone or email to get clarifications on reason for delay.

This operational model by SCUML is akin to economic sabotage and crime. It has frustrated those that yearn to do their businesses legitimately abandon such business.

We cannot continue like this in a country everyone barely survive. A government agency should not be allowed to add more pains and poverty to us.

SCUML will either be removed under the EFCC or the personnel be changed for more effective service delivery for economic growth. Meanwhile, there are agents everywhere promising to get applicants the SCUML certificate for a fee.

If you have applied or unable to apply even if you have been waiting for your SCUML certificate endlessly. This national movement is for you.

Send your name, name of your company/NGO, state and WhatsApp number to 08182149177

Share this on your network to assist others in same dilemma.



Comrade Osazee Edigin AICMC
National Convener

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