Edo State Government And its Policy on Covid-19 Vaccination.


Edo State Government And its Policy on Covid-19 Vaccination.

The decision of Edo State government to encourage mass vaccination against covid-19 is in the interest of everybody.

Public health is an essential responsibility of government. It is the responsibility of government to initiate and implement policy that will ensure healthy environment and protect the health of the citizens. People have right to their choices, but individual right that can cause body harm in the exercise of such right , or that constitute public nuisance can be curtailed by the Constitution and the policies of government derived from the Constitution.


An individual has right to life, but have no right to take his/ her life. Citizens have right to smoke cigarettes, but such right is not allowed in some areas.

I do not see any coercion in the policy of Edo State government on coved-19 vaccination because it has an option for the individual citizens to get vaccinated against the deadly disease, or stay away from being a vector of the deadly disease.

No responsible person should play politics with health matters. Edo State governor, Godwin Obaseki should be commended for his vigilance and commitment in the fight against the global pandemic. The sufficiency and availability of the vaccines should be addressed instead of insensitive threats against the government of Edo State.

Dr. Isaiah Osifo, JP.

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