I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill, but time and chance happeneth to them all.
Ecclesiastes 9:11.


The politics and power-play for 2023 is now gaining ground with ferocious intensity.

The politicians have started what they know best, jumping from one political party to the other seeking for comfortable landing.

The political soothsayers have upped their game, reeling out ridiculous predictions in the name of prophecies.

The gullible ones are being scammed.

The merchants of prophetic utterances have started smiling to the banks.

The aspirants are popping out of their shells like tortoise scanning the horizon to decipher what the crystal ball holds for them.

Everybody is boasting to be the best. In all of this, one thing is clear; only one man will wear the crown in 2023.

The almighty question that has defiled simple answer is; who wears the crown?

From the serious-minded to the ridiculous spoilers who are not in the game to win but to stop others, from the fully prepared to the emergency aspirants being goaded by greed and vainglory, the political atmosphere has been charged with overt and covert undercurrent politicking.

The boastings have started; the sweet talks and impossible promises.

The Electoral Act is still in the works and may soon be ready as legal framework for electoral integrity.

Those who boast to be popular and advocate of popular democracy have succeeded in stifling the Direct Primaries from the Act, hiding under the umbrella of insecurity and cost.

However, the Consensus option being entertained by the Act may prove to be another hard nut to crack.

Only time shall tell what the future holds.

I wonder why some persons are hurling missiles at the man for their woes whereas the decision to participate or not was theirs and theirs only.

When you refuse to participate for one reason or the other, you have no locus to cry for attention.

As has been remarked by some commentators, killing Abel did not make Cain the favoured one.

The masses know better than the political actors think they know.

Pulling another person down will not make those beating the drum of shame to rise.

On the defection of some APC elements to the ruling PDP in Edo State, that is a good omen for the PDP.

But one thing is clear, the defections have not started and will surely not end with this.

APC will lose more members before 2023 and PDP too will surely lose some big names ahead of the polls.

This is just the beginning of the defections and PDP should be careful not to accommodate elements who are on espionage mission to the party.

These are dangerous time and political prostitution is on the increase.

APC too should be wary of some of the characters negotiating with them.

Some people are after stomach infrastructure and not principled enough to stand when the chips are down.

After all the primaries, real defections will take place and it is only then that one can say with a note of finality that party A or B stands a better chance ahead of 2023.

However,it is of pertinence we note that there is strong correlation between the Esan agenda and the recently conceived repugnant third term.

If we remain passive about the third term bid,it will definitely send what I call a heinous signal to the other senatorial contemporaries that we are a people of power drunkenness.

And as such it endanger the possibility of convincing them that we are good-governance inclined.

Legislators, particularly within the federal representative frameworks,are a funny breed of officials in the democratic desideratum of a state’s political economy.

Once they have their cookie cutter obtained,they think little or nothing about what becomes of their people at the state or regional strata of the federative political economy.

So,we must be guarded and guided to a fault as not to be gullibly gloomy with the Mephistophelean third term bid which for me constitutes a virus of vexation on the part of the truest Esans who with all sincerity of purpose and clarity of conscience seek the actualisation of the 2024 Esanic agenda.

Whether anyone likes it or not, *Esan 2024* is a realization, therefore I join hereto all goodly minded progressives of the Esan agenda to declare the proposed *THIRD TERM BID* a CUL DE SAC void of the SLIGHTEST iota of progressive perceptability.

*Esan 2024* is not utopianic, but third term bid is a miasma of meaningless mirage, therefore third term must DIE.

The writer strongly believes that the next Governor of the state 2024 is of the Esan origin and will not open his eyes of faith to watch his believe being thwarted by some egocentric inclination.

Esan Oye!

*Henry J* writes ✍ from Garki Abuja

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