Edo Politics: Deceitful Leader Surprises Foolish Follower Finally.


Edo Politics: Deceitful Leader Surprises Foolish Follower Finally.

By Prince Kelly Udebhulu.

In Nigeria of today, when on the hunt for power, politicians set us lose against ourselves and we fight ‘ourselves’ in ignorance, not minding the fact that our future has been placed on the table of the greedy. They appear in the apparel of a giver whereas they feed on the fats of the needy and basking in the glory of the poor. In their deception as usual, they toggle the common man’s mind and ming the powerless in a despotic reign. They know what we want to hear at every given campaign grounds.


Today in my state, Edo state, the politicians and their followers are in one coin of two sides. Pathetically, the followers of the politicians constantly fall a prey for their show of deceit and greed. And ourselves we blame for our folly whereas the person elected to serve you becomes your lord and demi-god, dictating your future indiscriminately with impunity.

In life, there are times when one takes a bold stand against certain actions, behaviours or relationships. One reaches this decision after careful, soul-searching reflection. This state of mind – the breaking off from old ways – most often happens after one must have navigated a bend and encountered a better deal, a more promising future, one that ensures that evil is not just kept at bay, but that the change is assured, visible and convincing.

In 2020 governorship election in Edo state, we have choices but beclouded in hate and deceit. It was all round politics of vengeance against one particular person. It was at this exact juncture that the people of Edo State found themselves when they parted ways with the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state in 2007 and were sailing into the promised land on the wings of trust and confidence in our democracy but suddenly reversed or turned around 360′ degree but today, worse precedence has been set for the future occupiers of the number one seat in the state politically and only God will reverses it for good. If in the future, a governor decides to form his cabinet, conducts local government council elections after three and half years of his tenure because human being does copy the bad most often than the good, his supporters have found solace in the actions of the incumbent governor of Edo state today.

Just as you are surprised and keeping hope alive, 2023 and 2024 elections are coming. You either allow hate and greed encompass your political judgment or allow wisdom and better future of Edo state rule your support for any candidate.

-I am Prince Kelly Udebhulu.

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