Edo PDP Crisis: Oshiomhole Begs after Four Years, Orbih’s laugh Ends Within a Year.


Edo PDP Crisis: Oshiomhole Begs after Four Years, Orbih’s laugh Ends Within a Year.

-The Epic Center of Crisis is Between the Political Herdsmen versus PDP Landlords.

By Prince Kelly Udebhulu.


The crisis rocking the Edo State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has no doubt shaken the foundation of the party and weakened the tenacity of the hitherto tight bond and unity of the legacy PDP in Edo. As it stands today, the party is deeply polarised with wide gulf between the two political warlords, Governor Obaseki and Chief Dan Orbih. In Edo PDP as we know, Orbih remains the generalissimo and the ebullient in approach and style. He is astute and down to earth, but this doesn’t mean that Governor Obaseki is a pushover. Obaseki is a Marshal in any fight of political vendetta. The duo have strength in their rugged followers respectively.

While Governor Obaseki was in APC, the battle of godfatherism and asking for the state’s money to be distributed among APC leaders were the vocal points of the five years fight but as he joined the PDP in 2020, immediately after the election, the crux of the crisis is the unbridled desire by the duo to have full control of the party’s structure.These tendencies had sparked up unhealthy rivalry culminating in desperation to outwit each other. The dogging crisis has made Edo PDP an epicenter of crisis.

The fierst battle has moved into the expected judicial political judgements in Nigeria that in a brazen manner, the two have gone for broke in this attritional war with no end in sight to the raging crisis and the PDP is ripped apart completely.

These two personalities were known allies during the Edo governorship election 2020, but today, the duo have become arch enemies and the resonating effect of the disagreement is still playing out daily and unsettling the PDP, stretching rapidly to divide the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), at the national level, a replica of Governor Obaseki versus Edo APC then.

In the political history book of Edo state, immediately Comrade Oshiomhole became governor of Edo state, he led the fight to dislodge the principalities of godfather politics embodied at that time by late Chief Tony Anenih, a man famous for bringing his own shade wherever trouble offered no trees and was popularly called “Mr Fix It”.

Former Governor Oshiomhole degraded the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Edo and declared an end to godfather politics in Edo. And one of the biggest beneficiaries of that victory was Godwin Obaseki in 2016. Comrade Oshiomhole took him everywhere in Edo state advertising him as the new political messiah of Edo’s future in whom he was well pleased. Just four years later, the same Comrade Oshiomhole would describe his loved and trusted boy as one of the greatest political mistakes of his entire life. Shedding many tears, he went from palace to public places, begging on bended knees, that Edo people should forgive him for foisting Obaseki on them as governor. But who cares then?

At the time Comrade Oshiomhole was on his knee begging Edo people for forgiveness, Chief Dan Orbih and stakeholders of legacy PDP in Edo laughed, and took Governor Obaseki round the 192 wards, 18 local government areas including public squares. Echoeing the arrival of the new sheriff in Edo PDP. Governor Obaseki tentatively entered into social contracts with all the 192 wards. Referred to Dan Orbih as my leader in all speeches. Those social contracts and promises are elusive to the 192 wards yet ( Another topic for another day).

Within a year, the current bedlam between Governor Obaseki and Chief Orbih has shocked observers of Edo politics though not a surprise to the Edo APC because it was expected. Now that in a brazen manner, Obaseki and Orbih have gone for broke in their attritional war with no end in sight to the raging crisis, it is expected that in Dan Orbih’s closet, absolute regret would envelops his thoughts and his knee would surely go down to beg Edo people that he made mistakes, but who cares because many once said that Chief Dan Orbih made the list that Governor Wike referred to as “Tax Collectors” when Edo PDP was on sale at Abuja market, the buyer on sight then was Governor Obaseki.

…to be continued.

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