Edo PDP Crises! I Hands Off; Obaseki Side As Case Study(1)


Edo PDP Crises! I Hands Off; Obaseki Side As Case Study(1)

How can we win the general election with one sided candidates?

By Engr. Mike O. Enahoro Ph.D.

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I am very sure that the reality will be done on us after the main election since the political gladiators have refused to listen to some of us and understand the opinion we advocated.

Three (3) senatorial districts with one each of the Edo North, Central and South Senatorial District and nine (9) federal constituencies with 3 in Edo North, 2 in Edo Central and 4 in Edo South Senatorial districts exist in Edo State. On the side of Governor Godwin Obaseki, the legacy PDP have only a candidate (Sen. Clifford Ordia from Edo Central) among three senatorial candidates and a candidate (Hon. Omosede Igbinedion) from Edo South out of the nine candidates for the House of Representatives in the state. The reality of who are more in number in Edo PDP; old or new PDP members will come to play. The abracadabra that “we joined PDP with 10 million people and all our EXCO” will finally prove itself.

Followers’ support for candidates is based on reach. Apart from very few of us that are very dynamic in our personal relationships, the connectivity amongst persons in the party is still a big problem. A lot of people are yet to find a reason to mix up. The barrier is still very deep. The national crisis, the Ayu must stay and Ayu must go game is not even helping. That division is also now in the same line in Edo State. The Obaseki group is saying, Ayu must stay and the Orbih group is saying, Ayu must go. The majority of old PDPs are unlikely to support candidates who emerge but are new PDP members and the same is the other way. So, candidates are going to rely on the strength of their followers who they can easily reach.

On the side of Governor Godwin Obaseki who outsmarted the likes of Sen. Matthew Urokhide, Rt. Hon. Joe Edionwele and Barr. Paschal Ugbome will have to pay direly for it. Followers of Paschal, Edionwele and Urokhide who should have helped to balance the struggle are now all fully on the side of Chief Dan Orbih. Of course, that is where they are now…

So, if Obaseki’s side has it at the end of the day, the APC supporters they used in winning their elections in 2019 are surely not available. Of course, most of Obaseki’s followers said PDP was not responsible for Obaseki’s return to Government House in Edo 2020 but for Obaseki’s popularity and performance. The legacy PDP members are likely to watch the Obaseki factors work for these Obaseki candidates once again because a majority of them have been undermined by the Obaseki Government.

Those who worked hard to ensure we won the Edo 2020 have all been sidelined but those who were at home during the electioneering process who do not even know their LGAs or Wards or Units are now the newfound stars of this Government. They will have to come and show that they have the capacity to win an election.

Some of us have never lost our units since we joined politics. Now that the opportunity to benefit from our labour is like we have laboured in vain, we cannot be superstars always for nothing. This is the reality of what will count in 2023.

Written By: Engr. Mike O. Enahoro Ph.D, is a COREN certified and practicing Engineer, a Political Analyst and Public Communicator.

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