EDO NUJ 2021: The Crying Noisy Neighbors With Their Jibes Of External Interference.


EDO NUJ 2021: The Crying Noisy Neighbors With Their Jibes Of External Interference.

Animals, machines and various objects make their signature sounds.

Each spread, presents a simple sentence on the left and a little to the right with Spectators bearing the bold fangs to swallow noises in the wrong direction.


When doing a selective measures, it is done sieving with a clear decision indicated with thick, black lines of the subject in question.

The selection of noisemakers runs from the typical, “The cat goes meow” to the surprising “The train goes takataka takataka” to the overly abstract “Pain goes ouch,” which is paired with the recent call out, of “Government Interference” in the affair of the Nigeria Union of Journalists Edo State Council, ahead of the Union’s Election

With a catalog of complaints and lamentations now brewing internet spaces, it’s obvious that, this Noisy Neighbors, have missed their primary obligations.

In a recent cynical disposition of the writer who tried to curl a self defense by stigmatizing a divide of the union with “External Interference”, is completely obvious, he only shot himself on the foot.

Taken a quote, from such perforated eardrum performances of the author, “Union’s are made up of people of like minds; people who have same aims and objectives.

“Unions have constitution that guide them to succeed. Most times, instead of some unions to record success in terms of growth, they record failures”.

The beauty in this write up is a clear imprints, why the now trending FAM supporters are calling for a total overhauling when the incumbent finally quit the position.

Although the writer in his first paragraph try to do a cynic in his position when he clearly states the essence of Unionism.

But the last paragraph, and I quote, “Most times, instead of some unions to record success in terms of growth, they record failures”.

For us this an underlying winning strength to imagine.

The success the writer said, is a proof of the direction members want to go not the failures recorded by his paymasters.

Festus Alenkhes’ Movement, FAM has diagnosed the other end with rare disorder, Transverse Myeitis and now found its strengths in overcoming this disorder through the help of “mermaiding,” a unique and incredible form of ideological therapy.

The question is, can the Union continue to grow by the numbers of “Beer Parlours”? If yes, who has accounted for the Monies racked in over time?

What about the shops rented out?

Those who rented the Union’s Shops, are they members of the Union? Who Among these Noisy Neighbors have accounted for the Monies collected as a patrimony?

We have financial secretary, Treasurer and Auditor who are also planning or staging a come back, have we received any half page financial statements of the Union or auditing to proof a hoot of some sorts?

The massive land space of the union, who’s waisting it?

He who must come to equity, must first, come with Clean hands.

Yes, To be a team player is good, but a team without a vision, seldom make desired progress.

Come to think of it, a Union without government influence, may not survive if they have no financial structures to lean on.

Government at all levels, have a stake in Journalism. All sector works with government yearly budgets including NUJ.

So for anyone to show blind eyes in this regards, maybe seen as perverting justice.

As critical as Journalism is to any government, it must do everything to play a role in it election.

So who is the uncircumcised philistine judging by a narrow beliefs?

The concentration should have been to prod into what those aspiring to be leaders of the union have in their coffers not Government Interference.

The Nigeria Union of Journalists, NUJ, is a constituted body that preserves the interest of all affiliates practitioner.

Come up with blue prints of your desired NUJ, not rhythms of rhetorics. The Union is now very well positioned to overcome ideologies bereaved of logical reasoning.

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