Edo Central 2023: Year For Onolememen’s Alignment


Edo Central 2023: Year For Onolememen’s Alignment

– By Elempe Dele

This year is not a year for chasing or forcing, it is a year for alignment towards Esanland greatness come 2023 when through votes, a new Senator for Edo Central Senatorial District will be sort in the person of Dr. Mike Onolememen CON.
No doubt, with Dr. Mike Onolememen CON, the Adolor of Uromi Kingdom, one of the most ardent grassroots believers in the Esan people and a political force of no mean repute, Esanland is ready to experience massive development through effective representation at the red chambers.
The former works minister is a man who has been there before as a public servant, politician, philanthropist, and understands the essence of leadership for the growth and development of Esanland.


Dr. Mike Onolememen CON has a reputation for greatness and has always maintained that at this juncture, Esanland desperately requires a leader in the Senate with the political will and courage to end the issue of tokenism that the people of Esanland have been faced with for some time now.

He has a simple philosophy; you don’t continue to wait for magic, you don’t have to live in drama and dysfunction just because it is a familiar way with others; break the circle and be free. I am speaking to the delegates among us who will take the decision of the ritual rounds of choosing who is going to represent Esanland come 2023 at the red chambers, it is necessary we choose the best among the rest.
What comes to mind easily when choosing is basically a matter of interest. Who exactly has the capacity and capability and competence to effectively represent the interest of Esanland as a senator? From his track record, Dr. Mike Onolememen CON fits into the mould: it’s a matter of round pegs in round holes. Who has the spread and popularity to defeat APC in the general election after the primary?
It is the same Dr. Mike Onolememen CON who is easily the most sellable candidate for PDP. As soon as he gets the PDP ticket, there will be alignment and realignment even from members of APC. No one sees a good thing without appreciating it…he is easily marketable politically.
Societies don’t recede or go back on their own, they tend to move forward if the right decisions are taken by genuine members of the society who are decision-makers.
Esanland will move forward if every single deciding delegate takes this one very resourceful and important decision to improve the lot of Esanland. And that decision will only be to send Dr. Mike Onolememen CON to the Senate.

When the truth is said, nothing more should be added.

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