Edo Central 2023: Parts Of What Onolememen Will Do At The Senate (Part 1).


Edo Central 2023: Parts Of What Onolememen Will Do At The Senate (Part 1)

By Elempe Dele

Dr Mike Onolememen is a man of wisdom, here are some practical ways in which he will cope as the Senator representing Edo Central Senatorial District;


1. At the Senate, Dr Mike Onolememen CON will listen, think and vote his conscience when issues are being debated or laws need to be passed. He knows his constituents will not always agree with him, but they will respect him for thinking through the issues, explaining and leveling with them.

2. He will honor the Institution: Onolememen will work tirelessly to make representative government work. He will preserve and protect it so it remains a strong, co-equal branch of government. As we all know, legislation is one of democracy’s worthiest pursuits. It is an important duty that deserves his time, attention and dedication especially as it will have to do with the Esan people. To work well, government requires a bond of trust between citizens and their representatives. He has always talked about what he stands for and what he intends to do during his time in office, then he will work as hard as he can to fulfill those promises.

3. He will take the High Road: Dr Mike is a man of integrity and honour. If it won’t work tomorrow, he won’t do it today. He has an impeccable character, he would not want to see any ill-taken actions reported in social media. Just like he has always done in his years as a public servant, he will make sure everything he does at the Senate is right. New senators are rarely prepared for close scrutiny of their behaviour, nor do they recognize the effect of their behaviour on the institution. He will understudy the etiquette and ethical responsibilities of being a Senator. Mike has always been a man who is keen on details.

4. He Will Master the Rules: Dr Mike will learn the rules very fast as an intelligent man. He will carry them around with him in his mind. He will also consult with experienced Senators and staff to seek their advice routinely.

5. He Knows Where to Get Help: As an amiable fellow, Dr Mike will easily get acquainted with staff members, not only legislative staff but key people in the government offices. He will of course easily be able to turn to them for advice and counsel. He will surround himself with the most intelligent, dedicated staff you can find, just as he did while in the helms of affair in the Ministry of Works.

6. He Will Manage His Time Effectively: Coming from his type of background, Dr Mike will be able to organize, prioritize, commit to those things he will consider important. As an effective Senator, he would be punctual. He will get to the floor on time, get to his appointments on time, and get to his committee meetings on time. He will ensure he does not miss bill filings. In short, he will attend to as much housekeeping chores as he can.

7. He will Develop a Specialty: He will not try to be an expert in all things, he has his own field of study. He will rather focus on some specific policy pursuits so he can do a few tasks very effectively. He will be selective in the bills that he will be introducing. He will decide on some specific issues he is going to pursue. He will also pursue committee assignments in his areas of interest.

Stay tuned for Part 2….

Mr. Elempe Dele is One of Dr Mike’s Media Aides

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