Edo 2024: How to Get Edo State Governor of Esan Extraction.


Edo 2024: How to Get Edo State Governor of Esan Extraction.
By Innocent Okoh
28 December, 2021.

Former governor of Edo state, Sen. (Prof.) Oserheimen Aigberaodion Osunbor, has proposed a four point ideas which Politicians can used to achieve an Edo governor of Esan Extraction, he proposed unity and negotiation with other Senatorial Zones as two of the prevailing factors that can see to the achievement of an Edo governor of the Esan extraction.


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He said this on Monday in a Paper which he titled; Political Emancipation of Esan People: Looking back and Looking Forward, Presented at EDA Mega Summit on 27 December 2021 at Uromi Town Hall, in Esan North East LGA of Edo state.

The edo Ex-Governor, who delved into the past, present and future of the times and lives of the Esan people in all works of life, didn’t fail to mention the achievements of late chief Anthony Enahoro, Prof. Ambrose Ali and chief Tony Anenih amongst others.

According to him, “in the field of politics Chief Anthony Enahoro blazed the trail which greatly influenced the interest of our people in politics. He occupies an immortal position in the political history of Nigeria as the first person to move the motion for Nigeria’s independence in 1953 long before independence was achieved in 1960. A lasting legacy of Chief Enahoro in politics is that he brought pipe-borne water to Esan. In the struggle for the creation in 1963 of the Midwestern region, Esan people played very active roles and their efforts were rewarded with prominent Ministerial positions of Works and Transport and Internal Affairs among others, in the regional government constituted in February 1964. In the second republic Esan people were blessed with the election of Professor Ambrose Alli as governor of Bendel State in 1979.”

“He spread developments equitably throughout Bendel State, now Edo State and Delta State. Among the most memorable in Esan are the establishment of Bendel State University (now Ambrose Alli University), Bendel Feeds and Flour Mills (later renamed Ewu Flour Mill and now Prime Feed and Flour Mill), a good network of high quality roads and free education.”

“During the long years of military incursion into Nigeria’s politics, military officers of Esan extraction held prominent positions. They include Vice-President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (Admiral Augustus Aikhomu), military governors of States (AVM Gregory Agboneni, Commodore Joe Abulu and Rear Admiral Peter Ebhaleme (Ag Military Administrator) and Minister (AVM Anthony Okpere). The creation of Esan Central Local Government Area and the establishment of Irrua Specialist Teaching Hospital are some of the more visible legacies of Admiral Aikhomu.

“Before the Third Republic was aborted, two Esan personalities were each elected National Chairman of the two political parties, (i.e. the Social Democratic Party –“a little to the left” and the National Republican Convention – “a little to the right”) decreed by the military under the transition to civil rule programme. They were Chief Tom Ikimi of the National Republican Convention (NRC) and Chief Tony Anenih of the Social Democratic Party (SDP).”

“At the dawn of the Fourth Republic in 1999, Esan people occupied prominent positions as Ministers and, at some point, National Chairman, Board of Trustees of the All Nigeria’s Peoples Party (ANPP) in the person of Admiral Augustus Aikhomu and of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the person of Chief Tony Anenih.”


“The big question which should be of concern to us is how do we achieve this? Let me propose the following ideas.
1. Unity.
As the saying goes, in union lies strength. Divided, we can achieve nothing, but united we can move mountains.”

“We must avoid the mistakes of the past that cost Esan people dearly and avoid “Pull Him Down” syndrome which is simply too prevalent in our society and in which, sadly, many seem to derive sardonic joy. Two cannot move together unless they be united. If you do not value what you have others will not. As the Esan saying goes – “Ono yan okpan kha tiole ukhiome, ono bha yalen ki role he iku”. Accordingly, we must all value our own so that others will likewise value it.”

“2. Negotiation with Other Senatorial Zones. While the Esan Agenda is no doubt attainable it should be realised that our Senatorial Zone alone, even if we agree 100%, cannot achieve it. As a matter of fact, no one Senatorial District without the support of others can elect a governor into office. It is crucial therefore, to negotiate with others, particularly party leaders, to get their support.”

“Political positions and elective offices, are not offered on a platter of gold but rather result from lobby, negotiations and compromises with assurances and guarantees as to what is in store for others.”

“Central to this is a guarantee of equity, fairness and balance in the allocation of political offices, development projects and patronage within the limits of the law. The entire state should see the governor as their own and accessible to them.”

“3. Rotation
The demands for a governor from Edo Central is also supported by the principle of rotation. Since Edo South had 8 years (1999-2007), Edo North had two terms of 8 years (2008-2016) and Edo South will be completing same 8years by 2024 the principle of rotation favours Edo Central to produce the next governor in 2024.” He said.

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