EBAKOTA AND THE ESAN AGENDA 2024 By Amb. Tony Okonigene



By Amb. Tony Okonigene

Of recent, we have witnessed a sad inclusion in our political syllabus in Edo Central Senatorial District. In order to achieve immediate selfish ambition, some people are laying a foundation that is capable of leading to the destruction of The Esan Agenda in 2024. They are loading the weapons of the enemies who will not want the Esan governorship dream of our people to materialize.


How else do you rationalize the call to show a written and signed document where it was agreed that Third Tenure is Ebola in Edo Central Senatorial District? This is perhaps the most offensive request coming from the pro third tenure advocates.

Ebakota means “what we discussed or agreed together” . It is assumed that the parties concerned are gentlemen who ordinarily are expected to keep to the terms agreed upon without necessarily signing a contract. It is a moral issue that is written and imbedded in the conciense of those concerned.

The narratives of the third tenure advocates should get any true loving Esan son and daughter worried. If this trend is allowed to succeed, then we would have armed our opponents against The Esan Agenda in 2024.

All what the Edo South or Edo North will ask us is “Where is the written and signed document where it was agreed that it will be the turn of Edo Central to produce the governor in 2024”?. Of course they would be armed with the weapons the third tenure advocates in their moments of desperation handed over to them. What will be our response then? Unless we kill this Third Tenure snake and cut off its head now, we can as well kick the Esan Agenda goodbye.

We must be careful and rise up against these agents of perpetual marginalization of the minority. It will be difficult for anyone from the minority region to get any elective position if the unwritten principle of rotation is allowed to be defeated. At this point in time, the battle is not that of the aspirants against the Third Tenure advocates, it is a battle that should be seen as that of all those who believe in justice, equity and Ebakota.

May God save and bless Esanland.

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