Dr. Pedro Obaseki leaked Audio amount to Dancing naked in Ring Road ….. Chief Stainless M I Ijeghede The Uzoya of Irrua kingdom.

Don. Pedro Obaseki

Dr. Pedro Obaseki leaked Audio amount to Dancing naked in Ring Road ….. Chief Stainless M I Ijeghede The Uzoya of Irrua kingdom.

My good people of Edo State, I listened with bewilderment to an audio message from Don Pedro Obaseki, being widely circulated in the social media currently.

Ordinarily and though he mentioned his name in the message, I would not have believed that message came from a person of Don Pedro, who is the convener of Mid-West Movement (MM), which was to embrace the people of Edo and Delta on a level playing ground of Justice, Equity and Good Conscience. But because I could recognize his voice from afar, I was able to convince myself he was truly the one speaking.


There are certain things or views when expressed to the hearing of the public, they may tend to breed disunity or cast doubts in the sincerity of mind of a person or even some persons. The forum MidWest Movement (MM) was believed to have been created to unite Edo and Delta, so that they could work together for common interest and goal. But with this message from Don Pedro, it makes one to ponder, if as was speculated in some quarters at the inception of MM, that “Don Pedro was merely trying to use the people to drive his selfish interest” could actually be true. Now, the question is; if for instance, Midwest State is Created (Edo & Delta as one State or as it were in Bendel), where the Delta Province is generating the bulk revenue, and a person from the present Delta State makes a statement like this, what will be Don Pedro’s reaction? “Most of us know the answer”.

His audio message is an open indictment of the person he called his “Elder Brother” the Governor of Edo State. Who is retiring or removing the Benins from office? Who is making the appointments in the Government offices and ministries?

Presently, it is the Benins and a handful of Edo Northerners that are occupying the Government House of Edo State and the top positions in Government, to the exclusion of the people of Edo Central. The people of Edo Central had kept their peace because they are peace loving people and also because of their decent upbringing. They have been pushed to the wall but yet, they kept calm.

Don Pedro’s audio message in some way, is seemingly suggestive of the fact that the Governor might actually have acted according to his younger brother’s script in his recent announcement of the decentralization of Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma, and as alibi, some other higher institutions were likewise mentioned in the announcement.

Don Pedro has also in his audio message disregarded and trivialized the people of Edo North and Central and their efforts, claiming that the votes from these two Senatorial districts were not relevant to the election or what he referred to as the “installation” of Governor Godwin Obaseki.

In order not to belabour this issue at this stage, suffice to mention that the audio message in question has heated up the Edo polity at this stage. If a tribe or a district is excluded from the scheme of things in Edo political power sharing, it is the Esan people, the Edo Central Senatorial District. These people have been consistently shortchanged for a long time running.

In the light of the foregoing, a press conference shall be addressed very shortly, where the position of Esan in Edo politics and governance shall be made public.

Meanwhile, apart from the number of votes cast in Edo Central, the population of the Esan persons living in Benin City and other parts of Edo South, who vote in every election is within the region of 40% of the total voters in Edo South.

Esan people had always supported successive governments of Edo State and will continue to do that, for good governance and anticipated indiscriminate enjoyment of the dividends of democracy and good governance.

Pedro, you merely indicted your “Elder Brother” the Governor in your audio message.

That was tantamount to dancing naked at the Ring Road, Benin City.

Chief Stainless M. I. Ijeghede.
The Uzoya of Irrua kingdom.

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