Communication: Key to effective leadership – Joyce Daniels Oamen.


Communication: Key to effective leadership – Joyce Daniels Oamen.

Ugbegun N’ Ebudin 17th May 2022.

Joyce Daniels Oamen, an accomplished public speaker and most outstanding contender for the chairmanship position in Esan Central LGA of Edo State has reinstated the core importance of communication in social engineering and political leadership.


In a paper posted on her website, the Titanium identified herself as a prolific communicator while dissecting the subject matter.



Communicator – a person skilled at conveying information, ideas, or policy to the public.

From the above, it thus means that an ideal ‘Chairman’ in Esan Central should be a ‘communicator’.

There is no doubt that Joyce Ehinogie Daniels Oamen is a ‘communicator’.

Joyce, after carrying out different research and discussing with the leaders and people of Esan Central, discovered that the basic needs of the people are *L* -iving Standards, *I* -nfrastructure, *F* -orestry and Agriculture, and *E* -nterprise Development, which indicates *LIFE.*

Thus, she mapped out a clear cut agenda on how to actualize these goals, and called it the *”#BetterLIFE4EsanCentral Agenda”.*

This agenda, though still in the works, indicates amongst other things, that Joyce is a good communicator. One who listens to the voice of her people and is willing, ready, and able to carry them along when in government.

For according to James Humes, ” the art of communication is the language of leadership”.


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