AFCON 2022: Cameroon Beat Burkina Faso, 2-1 in Opening Match.


AFCON 2022: Cameroon Beat Burkina Faso, 2-1 in Opening Match.
By Innocent Okoh

9 January 2022

The National team of Cameroon on Sunday defeated Burkina Faso 2-1, in the opening match of the Africa Cup of Nations which kicked off this Sunday, in Cameroon at the Olembe stadium, Yaounde.

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The match kicked off at about 5 pm, Nigeria time, with Burkina Faso taking the lead in the first half before Cameroon charging up to score two goals with one penalty.

The next Match of the evening is between Cape Verde v Ethiopia, at 1900 (5pm Nig. Time).

Below is the Complete daily match schedule for the competition from January 9 to February 6 (all times GMT):

First round

Sunday, Jan 9

Gp A: Cameroon v Burkina Faso, 1600; Cape Verde v Ethiopia, 1900; both Olembe Stadium, Yaounde

Monday, Jan 10

Gp B: Senegal v Zimbabwe, 1300; Guinea v Malawi, 1600; both Kouekong Stadium, Bafoussam

Gp C: Ghana v Morocco, 1600; Comoros v Gabon, 1900; both Ahmadou Ahidjo Stadium, Yaounde

Tuesday, Jan 11

Gp E: Algeria v Sierra Leone, 1300, Japoma Stadium, Douala

Gp D: Egypt v Nigeria, 1600; Guinea-Bissau v Sudan, 1900; both Roumde Adjia Stadium, Garoua

Wednesday, Jan 12

Gp F: Mali v Tunisia, 1300; Gambia v Mauritania, 1600; both Limbe Stadium

Gp E: Equatorial Guinea v Ivory Coast, 1900, Douala

Thursday, Jan 13

Gp A: Cameroon v Ethiopia, 1600; B. Faso v C. Verde, 1900; both Yaounde (Olembe)

Friday, Jan 14

Gp B: Guinea v Senegal, 1300; Malawi v Zimbabwe, 1600; both Bafoussam

Gp C: Comoros v Morocco, 1600; Gabon v Ghana, 1900; both Yaounde (Ahmadou Ahidjo)

Saturday, Jan 15

Gp D: Nigeria v Sudan, 1600; Egypt v G. Bissau, 1900; both Garoua

Sunday, Jan 16

Gp F: Gambia v Mali, 1300; Mauritania v Tunisia, 1600; both Limbe

Gp E: I. Coast v S. Leone, 1600, Algeria v E. Guinea, 1900; both Douala

Monday, Jan 17

Cameroon v C. Verde, Yaounde (Olembe); B. Faso v Ethiopia, Bafoussam; both 1600

Tuesday, Jan 18

Gp B: Malawi v Senegal, Bafoussam; Guinea v Zimbabwe, Yaounde (Ahmadou Ahidjo); both 1600

Gp C: Gabon v Morocco, Yaounde (Ahmadou Ahidjo); Comoros v Ghana, Garoua; both 1900

Wednesday, Jan 19

Gp D: G. Bissau v Nigeria, Garoua; Egypt v Sudan, Yaounde (Ahmadou Ahidjo); both 1900

Thursday, Jan 20

Gp E: Algeria v I. Coast, Douala; E. Guinea v S. Leone, Limbe; both 1600

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Gp F: Gambia v Tunisia, Limbe; Mali v Mauritania, Douala; both 1900

Round of 16

Sunday, Jan 23

(1) 2A v 2C, Limbe, 1600

(2) 1D v 3B/E/F, Garoua, 1900

Monday, Jan 24

(4) 2B v 2F, Bafoussam, 1600

(3) 1A v 3C/D/E, Yaounde (Olembe), 1900

Tuesday, Jan 25

(5) 1B v 3A/C/D, Bafoussam, 1600

(6) 1C v 3A/B/F, Yaounde (Ahmadou Ahidjo), 1900

Wednesday, Jan 26

(7) 1E v 2D, Douala, 1600

(8) 1F v 2E, Limbe 1900


Saturday, Jan 29

(B) Winners 4 v winners 3, Douala, 1600

(A) winners 1 v winners 2, Garoua, 1900

Sunday, Jan 30

(C) Winners 7 v winners 6, Yaounde (Olembe), 1600

(D) winners 5 v winners 8, Douala, 1900


Wednesday, Feb 2

Winners A v winners D, Douala, 1900

Thursday, Feb 3

Winners B v winners C, Yaounde (Olembe), 1900

Third place

Sunday, Feb 6

Losers semi-finalists, Yaounde (Ahmadou Ahidjo), 1600


Sunday, Feb 6

Winners semi-finalists, Yaounde (Olembe), 1900

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