Adolor of Uromi Onolenmemen is the way out of the development challenges facing Esanland!


Adolor of Uromi Onolenmemen is the way out of the development challenges facing Esanland!

Uromi 29th April 2022.

The talk of the Town in Esanland (AKA Edo Central Senatorial District), Chief Mike Onolenmemen, has been declared as the sure way out of the development and representation challenges facing the region.


This was contained in a solidarity statement issued by The Strategic Edo Central Stakeholders Forum (SECSF) in Uromi recently when the group of Esan Professionals from all works of life made it’s position known via a media parley with Urban Scoop Media.

The group in media statement after the parley said “we don’t take position lightly in matters of politics, but in the case of the Adolor of Uromi, Chief Mike Onolenmemen, we have researched deeply and consulted widely with opinion leaders drawn across the Political parties, civil society organizations, market women, youths forum including the Diaspora Constituency. Findings points to the concrete fact that the Adolor of Uromi is the right man for the job of distinguished Senator to represent Edo Central Senatorial District in the forthcoming political dispensation.

According to the statement “Onolenmemen as the Minister of Works and Housing became a national hero as the ministry under him touched every nook and cranny of the country with his works tools – building bridges and roads across the country in complete loyalty to the president Goodluck Jonathan and the people of Nigeria

Now that the Adolor want to represent the people of Esanland as a Senator, it is a generational luck, that at this point of uncertainty, tested and trusted sons of Esan soil are coming out to represent us better.

This is why every good Esan person need to line up behind this workerholic former works Minister who knows the works and who has the training, the zeal and passion to make the much needed transformation in Esanland come to pass”, the statement reads in part.

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