Abuja Train Attack: Widow Recounts Ordeal Terrorists’ Den


Abuja Train Attack: Widow Recounts Ordeal Terrorists’ Den

The pathetic story of Mrs Comfort Afiong Osingor, a widow who spent four days in the cold hands of kidnappers with her two children remains one of the saddest tales of the Abuja Kaduna train bombing and kidnapping by terrorists group operating the North West region of Nigeria. 

Mrs Osingor who narrated her ordeal to our correspondent said she was raped twice in the presence of her two letter children, 6 and 3 years old which is the most horrendous sight for the children and most traumatic for the mother. The horror did not stop there for Mrs Osingor as one of the abductors took it upon himself to beat up her two underage children whenever they cried to their mother for succor.


According to her narration, one of the men attempted to have canal knowledge of her 6year old daughter, before he was stopped by one of his colleagues. Thereafter, she was forced to transfer N3m from her account within two days before she was released by her villainous abductors. 

She said: “I was with my two children in the train on that faithful day when suddenly we heard a Big Bang followed by the train derailing”.

“They forcefully took us away to different directions and I begged them to let me go that I had just lost my husband, with my kids wrapped to me they forced us into the bush were we stayed without food for three days.

“I was brutally raped, my young daughter was almost raped by that monster. I cried and dragged, then he hut me hard on my chest, forcing me to let my daughter go. 

“I saw my daughter cry bitterly, looking at me to help her and get her out of the monster’s hands but I was helpless.

“The experience is what I don’t ever want to recall because it remains still very fresh in my memory till now and my children. All my cries and appeals fell on deaf ears until they removed everything they saw in my account out within days. 

The widow who was at undisclosed hospital for treatment refused to talk further and burst into tears and begging to be left alone.

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