7 Reasons Why Ewu Needs a Second Chance as Esan Central LGA Chairman – ECSF.


7 Reasons Why Ewu Needs a Second Chance as Esan Central LGA Chairman – ECSF.

Ewu 07/04/2022.

The people of Ewu Community, the second largest Kingdom in Esan Central LGA, have called on the State Governor Mr. GODWIN Obaseki, Key Government Functionaries and the leadership of The People’s Democratic Party to consider the opinion of Solidarity For Women in Governance (SWG), a women empowerment platform canvassing for promotion and solidarity of women in politics.


Speaking under the aegies of Ewu Concerned Stakeholders Forum (ECSF), the people of the industrious community itemized 07 salient reasons why Ewu community deserves to be given a second chance as LGA Chairman:

1. Ewu Community has only produced Chairman for the LGA just once since the creation of the Local Government Area 31 years ago.

2. The one single term of 3 years in 31 years is not enough to make developmental impact in the community in particular and the Local Government Area in general.

3. Since that position was given to Ewu, the Community has been denied any other form of appointment or elective position ever since then.

4. Ewu Community is a repository of creative minded technocrats and leaders in all spheres of human endeavours.

5. The people of Ewu has very strong respect for culture, tradition, orderliness, truth and sincerity, which are key qualities to deliver the dividends of democracy to the Grassroot people.

6. Ewu has the second and third largest PDP voting population in the LGA – based on the 2020 elections records. We have voted for others, it’s time for us to be voted for.

7. Ewu has the only female aspirant for the role of the Council Chair – Joyce Daniels Oamen. In this season when the cry for gender equality and equity is loudest, she should be given a fair chance. Not only because she is a woman, but because she is capable, competent, humble, a listener, a mobiliser, a passionate God-fearing, community organizer and developer.

As an Ewu Daughter of the Soil, she has contributed immensely towards community development, not because of politics but because of her love for her people.

Joyce Daniels Oamen belongs to networks of philanthropists and humanitarian organizations who she will influence to make positive impact in the LGA.
She is committed to fresh ideas for development for Esan Central LGA.

These are the reasons why Ewu deserve a second chance to develop the LGA through Joyce Daniels Oamen, “The Titanium’ your faithful and loyal darling daughter.

The Ewu Concerned Stakeholders Forum further called on Party Stakeholders to consider the Women Constituency, ‘The Ward Women’ and join a voice to change the status quo by giving Joyce Daniels Oamen the chance.

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