APC leadership has selective amnesia …Chris Osa Nehikhare SPS PDP EDO STATE


APC leadership has selective amnesia
…Chris Osa Nehikhare

…withdraw your cases from court so INEC can conduct by-election, PDP tells APC

……APC infringing on fundamental human rights of constituents

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The Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP, in Edo State has observed with keen interest the sudden volte face and selective amnesia that has inflicted the leadership of APC in Edo state in recent times.

Edo people recall how the leadership of APC conspired to deny 14 constituencies representation in the State House of Assembly. Edo people have not forgotten how in a gestapo manner, those now appropriately referred to as former House of Assembly members-elect tried to storm the state house of assembly complex and when they failed, they converged in a private residence and in a treasonous modus operandi, began to dish out ‘motions’ and even ‘laws’… like a butterfly who thought itself a bird. These “rascals” demonstrated an acute obsession with propagation of falsehood, lies and alternative facts. Their behavior was a threat to the peace but Edo State government and Edo people ignored their folly.

As their unwarranted, unnecessary and malicious court cases instituted in the hope of changing a validly elected Governor collapsed, the scales fell off their eyes and they can see clearly now! It’s tragic, absurd and laughable that a party whose members refused to be proclaimed at the State House of Assembly, because they lost out in the power struggle to produce the Speaker, will have the audacity to call for an out of court settlement.

They cannot change the narrative and now want to be perceived as victims… with apologies to William Shakespeare’s Macbeth, permit me to say this: “yours is a sorry tale…”

In a genuine and sincere concern for the constituents of these constituencies, the Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP, in Edo State has directed its candidates in the 2019 House of Assembly elections for the various constituencies to withdraw its “Doctrine of Necessity” case in court.

Edo PDP consequently calls on APC and its former members-elect to do the right thing by withdrawing its plethora of cases from court. We also call on the general public especially the constituents of these constituencies to demand the immediate withdrawal of all the cases stopping INEC from conducting by-elections into these seats. It’s their fundamental human rights to representation that is being denied by APC.

It’s a known fact that as soon as these unwarranted and unnecessary court cases are withdrawn, INEC will no longer be encumbered and can therefore organize and conduct by-elections to fill these seats.

We suggest APC stop paying lip service to service of the people but to do the right and just thing.

Edo people deserve better.

Edo PDP…listening to the voice of the people!



Chris Osa Nehikhare

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