$300,000 Bribery Allegation: Philip’s Tepid Press Release


$300,000 Bribery Allegation: Philip’s Tepid Press Release

“The Press Statement with the headline, ‘Shaibu Rejects $300,000 Bribery Allegation’, is one of the most tepid, lukewarm, unprofessional disavowal I have ever seen in the history of Press Releases.

“Apart from the predictable poor and unprofessional language, how can a Press Statement coming from the Deputy Governor be released without any signature? This goes to show that the release was either written by a roadside hatchet man or this is the much the Deputy Governor can muster from his professional media aides. And again, to think this poorly scripted release was the much they could write after many days of the trending video goes to show a link in their distress.

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“Without being glib about it, anyone who reads the release would not fail to understand that the writer tried unsuccessfully to keep Philip Shaibu from the rage of horror of the vindictive Governor. How the writer tried to sneak in ‘my boss’ to cool tempers into the narrative is laughable. What has ‘my boss’, those comforting words, got to do with the central issue?

“Apart from the believe that maybe Philip was ‘pressured’ by Governor Godwin Obaseki through a third party to release the statement, which was done without finesse, candour or professionalism, nothing is in the empty press release. It is as empty as a haunted house. Even a student of politics, law or journalism, or even ordinary citizen will not fail to understand that a trendy video cannot be said to be a rumour as claimed in the purposeless press release. Names were mentioned by the PDP South South Chairman, Chief Dan Orbih, who were there present when he openly asked Philip about what he told him about the $300,000 Bribery Allegation. So what exactly is the stray about when the issue can be resolved through an investigation from those present at the said meeting?

“The moral burden of the matter is on both the governor and his deputy. They have been accused to speak out, not this sneak release that is unsigned or the cemetery silence from the governor; for silence is considered consent.

“Philip Shaibu cannot wish the Edo State people are all fools in trying to deflect the issue. No one said he sent his ‘boss’ to deliver bribe money, what was said is what he told Chief Dan Orbih; that the governor collected $300,000 to add to what he needed to use to pay for their joint ticket. This is the core issue, not the unconvincing statements meant to save his ‘job’ rather than to be accountable to the Edo State people.”

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