2023 Presidential Election: Will the “if” phenomenon play out?


2023 Presidential Election: Will the “if” phenomenon play out?

Nigeria as a country has been negatively affected due to to the handiwork of the leaders. Since 1999 when Nigerian experimented democracy, we have had different shades of leaders with embezzlement and misappropriation of fund being the order of the day.

God forbid we have a military rule again, however, the military has in past hinged their coup on the claim that the outsted regime was corrupt. Records would show that with the introduction of democratic rule since 1999, amount out of money that would have been used for national development that has found its way to private pocket cannot be calculated. For every administration that comes in, we have witness accusation and denial of diversion of public funds to private pocket. Among all the cases that have been reported, little or none of them have been treated in a manner that would serve as deterrent to others.


Nigerians have lost trust in the authorities that are supposed to address this. If there is a quote that money answereth all things, it is obtainable in Nigeria.

What Nigerians are clamouring for can alony be addressed with a system that is working. A working system of Government does not recognize any form of bias. It only respond to the right code, one the right code is imputed, they start to work.

Now that the elections are coming, can Nigerians recognize and vote for who would make the system work? Nigerians usually identifies the candidate that would do their bids but unfortunately, the allow the “if phenomenon” to rob them of this.

You begin to hear terms like:

“If” Peter Obi would be allowed to president….

If” Atiku Abubakar would be allowed to president…..

“If” Ahmed Tinubu would be allowed to president…..

Why would we allow the “if” phenomenon to rob us of what we deserve. We should be able to identify an go for the best candidate.

We need to get our PVC and vote for the right candidate and not wish for “if”.

Making up our mind on the right candidate would pay us more. Let us not be deceived that our votes do not count, our votes sure count. The politicians would not bother to campaign if our votes do not count. They would not mobilize people if our votes do not count. Our PVC would go a long way to remove us from the dilemma of the “if”. Let us not assume that some persons are some where fixing people in positions. With our PVC, we can elect people of our choice. All you need do is to identify who the best is vote for him or her, I would do my part by identifying the best and vote for him or her. If we all choose to do the right thing by identifying and voting the right candidate, we would be on the part of making Nigeria system work.

Finally if we cast our mind back, the candidates we may have applied the “if” for but never voted for would have made the best of candidate to add value to our system.

If at this moment you do not have your PVC, if at this moment, you are still for some persons somewhere to put that candidate in office to rule over you, then you gradually placing yourself in “if” corner.

Live above, act beyond the “if”, get your PVC, identify and vote the right candidate.

Dr. Bright Oniovokukor

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