2023 Election: We Can Use The EndSARS Model to Vote


2023 Election: We Can Use The EndSARS Model to Vote

The EndSARS protest may have gone but the lessons and impact still remains.

Nigeria as a country currently has a crop of leaders who are taking the citizens foregranted and insensitive to the needs of her citizens. There are a whole lots of concerns that are clearly obvious but no attention is given.


We have seen laws and policies that would better the majority of citizenry that has been left unattended to by successive government. However, what would benefit the few are given prompt attention to take things out of the reach of Nigerians.

It is a pity that I recently watched a program that was recorded in 2010, the gaps identified are still here 12years after due to lack of concern by those in position of authority.

Recently an amendment was done for us to have a delegate system for political parties to elect candidate. Observation so far has revealed, the money bags have manipulated the system to give them opportunity to buy up the few delegates. The Delegates have seen this as opportunity to rake in money at the expense of the people they are representing.
This was very evident during the recent conventions.

The question is, has the political primaries produced candidates that meet the desires of Nigerians?

We must note that as the build up to the 2023 elections gather momentum, a lot of issues has arisen to divide Nigerians along the lines of religion, ethnicity and geographical locations. The citizens are being gradually influenced, brainwashed and polarised along these lines for their selfish interest. They are busy studying and manipulating the system to ensure that all gaps that may affect their game plan can be taken care of.

It’s time to remind Nigerians especially our youths that alot has happened that we have references right from 1999 till date.

We can think about the followings that do not recognize religion, ethnicity and geographical location:

1. Insecurity
2. Poor education system
3. System induced poverty
4. Corruption
4. Bad Roads
5. Lack of stable electricity
6. Inflation
7. Unstable policies
8. Unemployment
9. Poor legislation and judicial system etc as the list is endless.

Considering that the negative effect of leaders do not affect along religion, ethnicity and geographical lines, this is the time for us to use our power.

We have the power to select who can lead us. Despite the various manipulations that are in place, we must note that majority wins the votes can also mean that a brainwashed majority maybe not be correct. On this premise, we need to call on Nigerians to do a check, investigate, ask questions and fact check the various candidates to know the ones that can lead us well.

The EndSaRS protest did not recognise religion, ethnicity and geographical location but rather it was issue based. It was targeted to address specific problems facing the country. It was a call for a system that would work for all and not based on religion, ethnicity and geographical location. It was calling for a Nigeria where Nigerians can live freely anywhere without fear or favour.

We can adopt the EndSARS Model that is not religiously, ethnically nor geographically biased to cast our votes. That is the best revolution that we can make at this time that our country is gradually being mortgaged as a business venture where only a selected few and their cronies only can hold leadership positions.

We can speak and act as Nigerians to destabilise their plots of planting their allies in every location irrespective of manipulations so far. If the people who can deliver are less popular parties, we can make those parties popular with our votes.

Let us prepare to vote come 2023 not on the basis of religion, ethnicity nor geographical location but based on performance, potential to build a proper system.

We need to look at candidate that would be ready to develop our dear country without any of the biases that has hindered development for a very long time.

To Nigerian youths, take note of the following per adventure, you want to use yourself as willing tool in the hands of those that do not mean well for our country. After the elections the monsters still remain with us such as insecurity, poverty, bad road, unemployment, inflation etc while those that used you would be no where to be found.

The EndSARS 2020 just like the 1989 SAP riot sent signals to the authorities. In same manner, let us use our PVC to send the signals of enough is enough to those are taking Nigerians fore granted.

Start thinking now and making up your mind to jump over all their manipulations.

Our system can work but you and I need to do the needful.

Dr. Bright Oniovokukor
Indomitable Youths Organization, IYO

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